Immortal Jellyfish is a special kind of jellyfish, because they are immortal like their name, they do not die. When it is mature to the size about 4.5mm wide and tall, they will shrink and sink to the sea floor and reproduce again, like reborn from the polyp state. This cycle never ends until they are eaten by other fish. They are mostly found in the Mediterranean Sea, but they are spreading across the world.

Species Information

  • Harmful to humans: Yes
  • Distribution: Worldwide
  • Maximum Bell Size: 4.5 mm ( 0.18 inch)
  • Life Span: Immortal
  • Feeding: plankton 
  • Temperature: 20-22°C (68 – 72°F)
  • Photosynthetic: 
  • Care level: 
  • Notes: