Commercial & Luxury Residential Aquariums - RedFin Aquarium Design

RedFin Aquarium Design specialises in building, installing and maintaining large custom built aquariums. RedFin have successfully completed unique large jellyfish installations in luxury private residences, casinos, hotels, nightclubs and public aquariums.


Home Desktop Jellyfish Aquariums - Cubic Aquarium Systems

Cubic Aquarium Systems produce a range of stylish home pet jellyfish aquariums. The tanks range from 23 liter desktop jellyfish aquariums to larger 160 liter designs. All tanks come with remote controlled LED lighting which ensures that the jellies are beautifully illuminated. 


Professional & Laboratory Holding Tanks - Exotic Aquaculture

For professional and commercial users, Exotic Aquaculture produce a range of durable jellyfish holding tanks and jellyfish breeding tanks. These can be used in aquaculture labs and jellyfish breeding facilities.